Dad Always Said

Wit and wisdom of the greatest generation

By Bill Hawkins

Published by Eric Johnson of Alive publishing



What John Maxwell says:

Dad Always Said proves that good advice is timeless.  This book delivers a trip down memory lane for those blessed to be raised by the Greatest Generation, and it also allows successive generations to experience and glean from their commonsense wisdom.  Both a tribute to Bill’s father and an homage to a simpler time, this book is loaded with nostalgia and history.  It encapsulates the World War II generation’s no-nonsense mindset and captures a small piece of an era we should cherish forever.”

John Maxwell



Come take a delightful walk down Memory Lane. You will be entertained and see what it was like to grow up as a child of the Greatest Generation. Learn what they believed and caused them to be called the greatest. The pages of Dad Always Said share priceless wisdom that will enhance your life in a variety of ways. 


My Dad

Dad Always Said delivers the timeless wisdom of the Greatest Generation in a unique style.  It is the story of Grant Hawkins through the eyes of his son Bill.  Grant was a World War Two veteran, a husband, a father, and a lifelong business owner. He was a “sayings guy.” He delivered countless life lessons through an endless number of aphorisms.



An aphorism, defined, is a statement of truth or opinion expressed in a concise and witty manner.

“They don’t build those casinos on people’s winnings”

-Grant Hawkins.


Words of Wisdom

No one used short accurate remarks better than Bill’s dad. He always had the right thing to say. One of Bill’s favorite quotes from his dad was, ” No matter what you do, involve yourself in other people’s lives because there is only one thing you take to heaven with you and that is other people.”


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