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Thank you, Bill, for the gift of your incredible book, Dad Always Said. I am loving reading it & it is no wonder he raised such an awesome son as you are. My dad was a part of that Great Generation & so much of what you share brings back so many memories. Doing what was right always prevailed with my Dad. Thank you again. 

– Georgia P.

Your book brought back great memories of my grandfather. One quick story my grandfather told us all. He would sit us all down one on one on our 16th birthdays and tell us to, “Enjoy today, today is the smartest you will ever be. From here on out for the rest of your life, you will realize how much you really don’t know.” 

-TJ G.

Bill, I am so glad you wrote this for all to read. Dad Always Said made me recognize that I have and do honor, my father, to the best of my ability. However, you showed me there is always more I can do, especially while they are alive. I wish I had met your dad, you wrote about him with pride. If any father reads anything close to that, they would tear their shirt off and show the big S over their chest. I feel he is beaming proud. What a great thing to do, a son to a father. All fathers deserve what you did. Thank you, Bill!

– Matt T. 

I love this book!

Tracey E. 

Thank you Bill for sharing your father’s wisdom through your own eyes. What a powerful testimony to the man he was. I wish I could have had the honor to meet him, but now with your book, we all can. Your writing is fun, simple, and filled to the brim with an admiration for your father that is infectious. Bill, you are a great writer and I’m looking forward to hearing about more of your stories when we are at the diamond club together 🙂

I don’t have any sayings from my own father but my grandfather used to say (translated from Farsi): “If you do one thing, you’re doing everything. But if you do everything, you’re doing nothing” and although I’m still working on living that out, it has always stuck with me

Sarah M.

Reading “Dad Always Said” made me miss growing up in my hometown.

-Ryder E. 

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